Ferndown Golf Club Ladies Washroom - Case Study

Ferndown Golf Club Ladies Washroom - Case Study

Following the completion of extensive renovation works we delivered in the men’s shower and washrooms, we were asked to return to Ferndown Golf Club in 2023 to carry out a new phase of refurbishment works. This time we were tasked with upgrading and replacement of the club’s Ladies' showering and washroom area. The prestigious golf club is steeped in history being established in 1923 and being the home course of Peter Allis.

We assigned a dedicated project manager to the job and developed a program of work that would ensure the least impact on the day-to-day operations of the golf club. This involved the expedited management of material delivery and waste removal, as well as organising noisy work to not interfere with peak times.

The existing vanity unit area in the washroom was underutilised and we were briefed on making better use of the available space. We relocated the showers to the vanity area, which required instating new mains water feeds and waste drainage. The four shower trays were sited and separated by custom-built stud walls and screened with a glass shower screen. Each shower cubicle then had a privacy-changing cubicle added to the front, which was constructed using solid grade laminate, a material that’s completely impervious to water so will never swell or weaken from ingress water. The external changing cubicles carried a rich, wood grain effect to help tie in with the rest of the ladies changing room facilities' aesthetics.

By constructing stud work, we were able to conceal all the shower plumbing within the wall, so that only the shower controls were visible to the user, as well as the rain soaker shower heads which deliver a more luxurious showering experience. Bobrick folding shower seats were also installed within the shower to help those who need further stability and assistance when showering. To finish, we fitted stainless steel shampoo and shower gel dispensers which can be maintained and topped up by the cleaning staff at Ferndown Golf Club.

The flooring was covered in a large format Dorset Wooliscroft floor tile that carries anti-slip properties. Meanwhile, the wall was clad in a ceramic stone-coloured wall tile. Solid, plastered ceilings delivered a sharp, clean finish with integrated LED lighting controlled by a PIR sensor. This means that not only is the lighting energy efficient but they will only be activated when someone is in the room and breaks the infrared beams.

We also provided new ventilation and extraction through the washroom, which pulls moisture and odours away, keeping it dry, clean and fresh.

The toilet rooms were fitted with an IPS duct system behind the toilet, a unit that conceals all the pipework, waste and cistern in a false wall, delivering a clean, minimalist finish. These toilets were also paired with sensor-activated flush kits to improve usability and hygiene in the washroom. The cubicles were also upgraded with new oak veneer doors.

The new vanity area was created with a bespoke solid-grade laminate underframe, that featured hinged, lockable panels on the front. This unit carried Corian, solid surface countertop with pre-formed Corian washbasins. Lever taps were used at the washbasins and a large landscape mirror above the unit that spanned the width of the vanity unit.

The new layout of the room allowed us to increase the number of showers while simultaneously improving the flow of the room. Fast hand-dryers were now located in the space where the old showers once stood, adjacent to the hand-washing area.

To finish off the project, we reinstated new radiators in the room, complete with chrome pipework to carry out the high-end finish. The refurbishment works were carried out on time and on budget with the new washrooms being received very well by the club's loyal membership.

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