What Urinal Are You After?

What Urinal Are You After?

Are you looking for a urinal, but not sure what to get? This blog explores the different kinds of urinals available and provides information about each one.

It can seem impossible to find the most suitable urinal for you. Should you go for a Classic, ceramic bowl? A stainless steel option? Is waterless the future? Maybe you want it to stand out, to look different?

Whatever you need, we are here to help. 

Classic; Ceramic
The classics, like the Twyford Clifton Urinal, are well known. These ceramic urinals can be found at any price point, can often be made waterless using a retrofit system, and as long as vandalism is not a concern, are generally our most popular option. While the shape of the bowl is rarely changed, ceramic urinals are always evolving and becoming more hygienic with each tweak of the design. The Armitage Shanks HygenIQ Urinal is a prime example of how this product remains timeless. 

Stainless: The Anti-Vandal King
Stainless Steel is the only choice for anyone with fears of vandalism. Units such as the Franke Centinel Urinal Trough are robust and easy to clean without the risk of breakages, associated with the ceramic option.

These are particularly popular in public restrooms and are often installed with a Cistermiser to ensure flushing is only activated when the washroom is in use, very often these are placed in infrequently maintained areas due to their ease of upkeep. 

Waterless: The Eco-Minded Option
Waterless Urinals provide exponential water saving; if you are eco-minded, this is certainly one to consider. Primarily gravity operated, a cartridge is placed before the waste pipe to reduce odour before draining. Many of these still use a ceramic bowl and are easy to wipe clean as part of any regular maintenance schedule.

It is often the fear with consumables such as cartridges, that these will outway the cost of the savings, however, cartridges like the Armitage Shanks Aquanil last up to 7500 uses and will only need replacing roughly 3 times annually - a win-win: eco-friendly, and money-saving!

The Jazzy World of Urinal Bowls
If you’re all about making an impact, your Urinals are one way of doing this. Designer items like the Gloo Designer Urinals add a splash of colour and bring something new to washrooms - combine these with the Glink Designer Sinks of the same range, and you have heightened your theme and given people something to remember!

If you are looking for a more rustic theme, the Timber Pale Ale Bucket Urinal can add to the mood of any venue, especially when paired with some exposed pipework.

Still unsure? Get in touch with us by calling: 01202 650900, or E-Mailing: sales@commercialwashroomsltd.co.uk

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