Update your Washroom with a Sleek, Modern Looking Vanity Unit

Commercial Vanity Unis

A contemporary Vanity Unit can bring any washroom up to modern standards

Easy on the eye, and easy to maintain.

Wednesday / 22nd August

All Commercial Washrooms have the difficulty of catering to many user types, but one product that can seamlessly fit into them all is a Vanity Unit. Created out of a single piece of material, this unit can offer numerous hand washing terminals yet require the plumbing aesthetic of a single sink.

Furthermore, being constructed out of a single piece of material means that cleaning and maintaining the unit is more straightforward than a conventional multi-basin setup. Reduced nooks and cranny and a singular material save both time and effort in finding and applying the correct cleaner.

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Beyond the functionality point of view, a vanity unit can add a 'wow' factor when walking into the washroom. With an eye-catching size and designs that help reduce splashing, these units are one of the sure-fire ways to ensure that customers, employees, or users in general, leave your facilities impressed.

We have the ability to supply you with your vanity top, and we also carry a number of designs from some of Europe's top washroom manufacturers. Why not browse our range, or equally get in touch with our team today, to see how we can help.

Take a look at our Virtual Showroom to see how a Vanity Unity could make a huge difference to your Commercial Washroom.

If making a statement in your washrooms is important to you, read our blog on the importance of reflecting your brand from the boardroom to bathroom.

Corporate Branding and Washrooms

Each industry can benefit from applied focus to how it's washroom design can impact on customer satisfaction.

Hotel Focus: Washroom Design and Customer Satisfaction

Wednesday / 22nd August

It’s unfortunate, but the state of the washrooms have the power to make or break a guest’s stay. Even with the grandest lobby and slickest hotel rooms, a dated, or grotty looking washroom is going to be the first thing a guest remembers. 

Before works begin, it’s imperative to keep the customer satisfaction at the forefront of decisions. If we can ensure a clean, easy to use washroom is installed which is able to withstand constant use and not succumb to wear and tear, then we are a long way towards keeping those customers and having them return. 

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