Inta’s commitment to user safety

Inta’s commitment to user safety

When so much time is given to the function and flow of a commercial wash or shower space, the water controls can be easily overlooked. However, these are items that can bring tremendous water usage savings, and significantly improve usability.

For many businesses, the durability of taps and shower controls will also be a concern, but the issue that should be at the forefront of any site manager's mind is user safety.

Inta is a proud British outfit built on the pillars of quality, safety, and style. As the UK’s leading manufacturer of anti-scald bathroom products, we have included them in the Commercial Washrooms offering since the early days and have been selected by countless clients across the sectors in commercial environments including leisure centres, gyms, hotels, restaurants, schools, and private members clubs.

User safety through anti-ligature features

There is a need in many settings for anti-ligature fittings. This is a design that prevents users from tying a rope or cord with which to harm themselves. In custodial and institutional environments, this is a key concern and Inta offers several products that carry this feature.

User safety through thermostatic controls

For the past 12 years, since Inta was founded, the company has been excelling at bringing to market high-quality water controls dedicated to user safety – namely anti-scald technology. Of course, much of this comes in the form of thermostatic mixer valves which are integrated into many of their products and can also be purchased separately and retrofitted to existing sanitary ware.

Inta TMV

Convenience and protection with Inta shower panels

The Inta shower panels are a strong solution in commercial washing areas. A unit that not only offers push-button, non-concussive controls but protects internal pipework and thermostatic mixer valves at the same time. Their design also allows for easy maintenance and cleaning and removes the need for chasing out pipework into walls. 

Inta Shower Panel

Water safety is a serious business and in order to operate an effective commercial washroom temperature control and legionella, checks are of utmost importance. If you would like further advice on user safety and how to handle water management productively then get in touch with one of the team on 01202 650900.

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